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پنجشنبه، 12 تیر 1399


عنوان مقاله: Toxicity of building materials
نویسندگان: زهرا درودیانی، بابک درودیانی، سعید درودیانی
نوع مقاله: ISI
چکیده مقاله: This chapter discusses important matters related to the toxicity of fumes released from building materials in fire events. The chapter briefly reviews the combustion and the products and discusses the materials used in buildings and the toxic fumes produced in the combustion. The effects of conditions on the combustion reactions and products are discussed. Toxicity of combustion products and assessment of combustion toxicity, specifications and standards, fire safety regulations and smoke toxicity test methods are reviewed. Improvements in the safety of building materials in fire, progress in the development of safer materials, and enhanced methods of reducing the toxic combustion products are discussed. Resources for fire properties of materials are also presented.
محل ارائه: chapter 9-pp: 241-289,"Materials that release toxic fumes during fire" Woodhead Publishing"
زبان: انگلیسی
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سال چاپ: 1391
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