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پنجشنبه، 12 تیر 1399


عنوان مقاله: Self-compacting concrete containing different powders at elevated temperatures – Mechanical properties and changes in the phase composition of the paste
نویسندگان: سعید بختیاری، الله‌وردی، امیرمازیار رئیس‌قاسمی،‌ضرابی، طیبه پرهیزکار
نوع مقاله: ISI
چکیده مقاله: Fire resistance of self-compacting concretes (SCC) containing limestone and quartz powders, with two different compressive strengths, were evaluated and compared with normal concretes (NC). The residual mechanical strengths of the mixes at different temperatures were measured. The changes in the phase composition of the cement pastes at high temperatures were examined with thermal analysis and X-ray diffractometry methods. The SCC mixes showed a higher susceptibility to spalling at high temperatures but the NC mixes suffered much more from loss of the mechanical strengths. Both the powder types and the compressive strength notably influenced the fire behavior of the SCC. The quartz powder accelerated the hydration of the SCC cement paste at high temperatures, up to 500◦C. However, the quartz-contained SCC showed the highest risk of spalling among all the mixes. The results showed that the thermal analysis could be a useful device for evaluating the fire behavior of building materials.
محل ارائه: Thermochimica Acta 514 (2011) 74–81
زبان: انگلیسی
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سال چاپ: 1390
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